Maribor Cup
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19 to 40 years old
52 kg, 56 kg, 60 kg, 64 kg, 69 kg, 75 kg, 81 kg, 91 kg, +91 kg
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The tournament will be held according to the rules of AIBA
Number of rounds
Youth: Three (3) rounds of three (3) minutes, one (1) minute rest between rounds
Elite: Three (3) rounds of three (3) minutes, one (1) minute rest between rounds
Scoring System
New AIBA Scoring System, the 10-Point Must System, will be used.

Composition of the official delegations/Category:
1 boxer + 1 official
2-4 boxers + 1 official + 1 R/J 5
10 boxers + 2 officials + 1 R/J
Registration regulations:
→ National Member Federations can send only one (1) Boxer in each Weight Category
→ The participants must have two sets of uniform (red and blue color sets) approved by AIBA.
→ Each boxer and each R/J must have his international AIBA Record Book,
as well as medical exams up to date.
→ All Coaches must be AIBA Certified Coaches and registered in the AIBA Database as LOC will check each Coach’s status at the time of registration. Without the appropriate AIBA certification, Coaches will not be allowed to enter the competition.
All Boxers must bring the following items to the General Weigh-In:
→ AIBA International Record Book and medical exams up to date
→ Current and valid Passport
→ Boxer’s Uniform:
Each boxer must bring two sets of uniform
The colors of these two sets of uniform must be in accordance with AIBA Technical and Competition Rules
→ LOC will provide its licensed boxing gloves to all Boxers for all Bouts. The gloves are compulsory official items which all Boxers must wear, as they will not be allowed to wear their personal ones.
→ 10oz Gloves will be used, above 69 kg youth boxers will be used 12oz Gloves, headguards and mouthpiece will be used according to the AIBA Rules.